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sábado, enero 29, 2011

10.000! :D

Solo eso... :), hoy Jimmy Jirafa ha recibido su visita nº 10.000! y que menos que agradeceroslo.
Gracias a todos los que pasais por aquí y veis mis dibujos, es muuuy agradable saber que así es :)
yo espero que os gusten y disfruteis al menos un ratillo viendolos.
Un ABRAZO a todo el mundo y Gracias!!!

Only this... Jimmy Jirafa has receibed today his 10.000 guest! and I am very grateful.
Thanks everybody who visit my blog, and see my drawings, is pleasant to know it :)
I hope you like it and enjoy it.
Hugs everyone and Thanks!!!

2 comentarios:

  1. Very nice and sweet!Do you use a 2B-Pencil!?

  2. Thanks Franco', I'm glad you like...
    About the pencil, I don't use 2B, usually I use HB or propelling pencil, but almost always draw with the first i take, pen, marker, it depends!!! :)

    I've been watching your clay work, it's funny! i like!

    Greetings from Spain!!