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lunes, enero 09, 2012

My heart is grounded

Mi corazón está conectado a tierra...esperando tranquilo.
Dibujo rápido para ilustrar el tema de esta semana de IF #Grounded

My hearth is Grounded...quiet waiting.
Fast drawing to illustrate the theme of this week of IF  #Grounded

9 comentarios:

  1. Wow, great pencil work! I love the little guy up on his perch, although I'm not sure what's going on down on the ground. :)

  2. Cindy D. Thanks! The little guy was the last incorporation to the composition and now is the most important thing. :) About what happens in the ground, is a metaphor that occurs between the heart and the land, a special land ;)

    Sharon Thx! ;)

    Al resto de los patitos que andan revoloteando por aquí...Gracias! ;) os veo en un ratito ;) vosotros si que molais y sois awesomes! Un besooo

  3. you're very tallented guy man,..
    if you don't mind may we follow each other :)

  4. bonito dibujo... pero...

    ese no me vale, eh???? ;)

    pero tu estilo está muy muy chulo, Rafa, tooodo hay que decirlo!!!


  5. Love this!!
    And love how much thought was put into it ..a special land :)

  6. Chipp redeye -> IIt's great to read that man, and I don't mind at all ;) Nice work! thx

    Sketched Soul -> Thanks! I'm sooooo glad! ;)

    Celia -> jajajaj me alegro mucho, se que no te vale (pronto la veras) :P Tendré que felicitar el año nuevo 2013/4 a este paso, pero la verás! Gracias!!! ;) muaa